My Creations

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 Daisy in Paper Craf

Colour of Devotion & Love 

Fiery Red in Flower on Fabric

Our means to Modernity
- Made for a school project

        Ganpati in Fabric

       Cartoon character on paper 

    Ornaments of Srikrishna

Easy Crafting

Paper Craft to Shape up in a Footwear 

    Amalgamation of Colour in Love

A Raja Ravi Verma Style in Pencil 

Simply Pencil & Paper 

Ordinary Pencil work  

? ? Colourful (in Mind) ? ? 

We extract beautiful colours from flower .......
How about applying colour on them making more beautiful

Do you get them natural ? ? 

Indian Tradition

Ganesha in pencil colour  
Like that ? ?

Or this one ?

Or this one ?

------------ OIL ON CANVAS----------

Oil on Canvas

Use of Fabric in Silk cloth 

Colour help us to Imagine 

Krishna dancing with his associates 

Pottery by Rajasthani women


No space is small for depicting your thoughts......
Blooming love in Dead leaf 

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